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escape the ordinary

escape the ordinary

Maxime Burri is a professional photographer from the Swiss Alps, currently working as Director of Photography and Photographer at 

He provides his clients with his unique style, creating visually strong pictures that escape the ordinary. Passionate about sharing his love for photography, he constantly seeks new projects and collaborations. let’s work together!

born and raised in the Swiss Alps

His unique photographic style shows the beauty of the environment and tells stories of adventures and good times. With a special sense for light, colors, and composition, he creates captivating images, inspiring people to see the world with fresh eyes. 

Maxime’s journey as a professional photographer is far from over. With an openness to new projects and collaborations, he is always seeking opportunities to expand his skills and spread his message.

When you collaborate with Maxime, you can be certain that his unique perspective and creative talent will breathe life into your vision.

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